ASNP adopts specific guidelines in terms of editorial responsibility.


Each article will be evaluated by internationally recognized referees, following a positive evaluation by the Editorial board.


Authors are required to follow the Editorial Policy and the Editing Rules of the Edizioni della Normale.


Contributions may be sent at any time of the year. The complete and final version of the texts should be sent in electronic format (in two versions, Microsoft Word and PDF) to the editors, using the following e-mail address:


The languages accepted, in addition to Italian, are French, English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.


On the first page of the article, at top right, please state: author’s full name and surname, any institution he may belong to, postal address, telephone number and email.   On explicit indication of the author,  this information may be made public at the end of the article.



Scholars are invited to submit project proposals for sections or special issues and discussions of particularly relevant works, by contacting the Editorial board  through the Assistant editor ( or the Editor in chief (