Editorial Policy

The authors are required to follow the Editing Rules of the Edizioni della Normale.


The research articles must not exceed 80,000 characters (including spaces), or approximately 12,000 words. Notes and discussions must be limited to 20,000 characters (including spaces), or approximately 3000 words. In special cases, on the approval of the editors, longer articles and notes will be accepted.


In the interests of editorial uniformity, authors are requested to observe the rules listed below:

  1. the general title, or subtitle, must contain the essential details necessary to identify the content of the article (e.g. from a chronological, geographical point of view etc.,);
  2. each section must  be introduced by a progressive Arabic numeral followed by a short title in italics;
  3. you should keep the use of quotations in the body of the text to a minimum;
  4. the notes, in smaller characters, must be numbered in progression;
  5. acknowledgements  and other annotations can be inserted at the bottom of the first page of text, in the footnotes, with no asterisks to the title and unnumbered;
  6. the notes should contain only titles and scientific works or collections of sources directly related to a specific issue addressed in the text, avoiding long bibliographical lists or citations of sources; in any case the length of the notes must not exceed 1500 characters (including spaces);
  7. each contribution can be accompanied by pictures, up to a maximum of 10 tables (a higher number of images can be provided, but of reduced dimensions, so as to compose two or more illustrations in the same table).
  8. for the parts in Greek use a unicode font.


In any case, the article must be accompanied by:

  1. an abstract in English, no more than 1000 characters long (including spaces), amounting to around 150 words.
  2. a brief biographical and bibliographical note about the author, regarding his scientific interests and major publications, of the same length as the abstract (approx 1000 characters, amounting to about 150 words). This note will in any case be  translated into Italian.
  3. three key words in Italian and in English.