Founded in 1873, the Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Classe di Lettere e Filosofia (ASNP) is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian journals, and a fulcrum for research activities in the Humanities at the Scuola Normale.

Currently distributed in all main libraries, universities and cultural institutes in Italy and abroad, ASNP is a highly respected specialized journal which represents a reference point for scholars and all those interested in the Humanities.

ISSN: 0392-095X

Periodicity: biannual

Indexing and Ranking:

ASNP is indexed by: JSTOR (Arts & Sciences XIII), Historical Abstracts, ERIH Plus, AIDA (Articoli italiani di periodici accademici), Bibliografia storica nazionale, ACNP (Catalogo italiano dei periodici).

The journal is rated in band “A” , by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research (Anvur),  for the following scientific areas:
08 / C1 (Design and Technological Design of Architecture), 08 / D1 (Architectural Design), 08 / E1 (Design), 08 / E2 (Restoration and History of Architecture), 08 / F1 (Urban and regional planning and design ), 10 / A1 (Archaeology), 10 / B1 (Art History), 10 / C1 (Theatre, Music, Cinema, Television and Audiovisual Media), 10 / D1 (Ancient History), 10 / D2 (Greek Language and Literature), 10 / D3 (Latin Language and Literature), 10 / D4 (Classical and Late Ancient Philology), 10 / E1 (Medieval Latin and Romance Philology), 10 / F1 (Italian Literature), 10 / F2 (Contemporary Italian Literature), 10 / F3 (Italian Linguistics and Philology), 10 / F4 (literary Criticism and Comparative Literature), 10 / G1 (Glottology and Linguistics), 10 / H1 (French Language, Literature and Culture), 10 / I1 (Spanish and Spanish-American Language, Literatures ans Cultures), 10 / L1 (English and Anglo-American Languages, Literatures and Cultures), 10 / M1 (German Languages, Literatures and Cultures), 10/M2 (Slavistics), 10/N1 (Ancient Middle-Eastern, Middle-Eastern and African Cultures), 10/N3 (Central and East Asian Cultures), 11 / A2 (Early Modern History), 11 / A3 (Modern History), 11 / A4 (Book and Document Sciences, Religious History) 11 / C1 (Theoretical Philosophy), 11 / C2 (Logic, History and Philosophy of Science), 11 / C3 (Moral Philosophy), 11 / C4 (Aesthetics and Philosophy of Languages), 11 / C5 (History of Philosophy).